Your Security Matters To Your Clients, According To Study

A survey of 1,175 security professionals shows that 67% of respondents lost a business deal due to a client’s lack of confidence in their security strategy.

The Dimensional Research survey spanned five continents and showed that customers and partners are demanding higher security standards from businesses. Roughly 91% of respondents stated that their company’s security policies now need to align with client’s security policies. Over the last two years, executive support for security teams nearly doubled in areas of budget, buy-in and strategic vision.

Cybersecurity is quickly becoming an important area of focus, with a need arising to meet expectations internally and externally. Around 30% of security teams are now reporting an increase in work-related stress, which may indicate companies are putting the pressure on existing staff due to budget constraints. Security teams are seeing growing attack sophistication, extra responsibilities and an increase in attack frequency.

Employee turnover in particular reduces effectiveness of security teams, according to respondents.

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