Yahoo! Finance Says Facebook/Meta is the Worst Company This Year

Is anybody that surprised?

According to an audience survey conducted by Yahoo! Finance, the tech giant was rated the “Worst Company of The Year.” Total write-in votes amounted to 8%, with a host of various reasons for why people dislike the company. Other contenders for worst company of the year include Robinhood, Nikola, and Alibaba.

A popular reason for discontent with Facebook/Meta stems from the effect the company had on children and young people, particularly relating to Instagram. Previously, the tech giant had published two internal research reports and downplayed the conclusions on how harmful the effects can be on children’s mental health.

Earlier this year, news outlets speculated that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rebranded the business from Facebook to Meta in an attempt to divert public controversy. While its social media products stayed the same (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp), the reasoning for the rebrand was a bit confusing, as the meaning of the term “metaverse” wasn’t entirely clear.

Winner of Yahoo Finance’s “Best Company of the Year” for 2021 was none other than Microsoft, who had a year-to-date stock surge of 53% as of mid-December.

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