Windows 11 Show Apps Who’ve Seen Your Private Info

Want to know who’s checked your mic, camera and contacts? A new Microsoft privacy feature will let you do just that.

The new feature, which was added in a June Windows 11 Preview Build, keeps a record of which apps have accessed your location, messaging and phone calls within the previous week. If you go to Settings, Privacy & Security, and check under App permissions, a drop-down menu will list the recent activity for different categories. You can check the last time that apps have accessed the information there.

Microsoft hasn’t officially revealed this feature, however it was published on twitter by David Weston, Microsoft’s Enterprise and OS Security VP.

Back in April, the tech company announced that enhanced phishing protection as another feature that will be a part of Windows 11. The goal of these features is to protect a hybrid work environment, seeing as targeted phishing attacks and other cyber threats are increasing. Credential Guard is another feature that will be set by default for Enterprise users, which will prevent malware and unauthorized access of systems.

Many of these default security enhancements will be built into Windows 11, although you may want to research before you upgrade to the newest version. Opinions vary on whether or not the upgrade is worth it at the moment.

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