What Makes You Vulnerable To A Ransomware Attack?

There are some early warning signs that may increase your risk of suffering a ransomware attack.

This type of malware attack occurs when a bad actor locks you out of your own files, and demands money to unlock them. When keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, you should be aware of the following:

Phishing Attacks

Oftentimes, ransomware is delivered via a malicious email attachment or link. Check to verify there’s no suspicious domain (like @gmai1.com) or grammar mistakes, which might give a phishing email away.

Unpatched Operating Systems

Software needs to be updated ASAP when a new patch comes out. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of a hacker exploiting a vulnerability.

Inactive User Accounts

Threat actors may target inactive accounts in order to deploy ransomware. Make sure you’re managing inactive accounts in order to mitigate risk of exploitation.

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