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Even though we are using this unique technology as a safe marketing promotion technology, this “USB drive looking device” could have been an avenue for dangerous entities.

Devices like this one (acts like a keyboard typing commands), or flash drives—useful as they may be—can pose a security risk to you or your business.

Malware or viruses can be loaded onto a USB drive which may be used to take control of a computer, track browser history, upload files and infect software. Oftentimes, these infections can be difficult or impossible to detect. In order to mitigate these problems, having security services that proactively protect against these bad actors is crucial in order to keep your IT infrastructure safe.

If you’re wondering how you can keep your data safe, that’s where we come in! SkyPort IT is here to provide you with information to secure your environment whether you are an IT professional, have an IT department, outsource IT, or some hybrid. We offer audits in order to make improvements and minimize risk to you, your business and your data.  If needed, we can help remediate any issues found. Between our HIPAA secure compliance portal and a true HIPAA security audit, we have you covered.

Did you know that your required HIPAA Security Officer is personally responsible for the data you hold and are to protect? They can go to jail for breaches if they have not done due care and due diligence, especially if they do not report a breach incident in the time frame required by law.

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