Update Your Devices Now

Google Chome emergency fixes, a high severity Zoom flaw and critical Windows issues means you should update your tech ASAP.

Throughout the month of October, there’s been numerous patches issued. Let’s take a look at the ones you should know about.

Microsoft: 13 critical flaws, one of which is being actively used in attacks, should be on your radar. CVE-2022-41033 is a serious flaw that could be chained to other exploits in order to take over your device.

Chrome: CVE-2022-3723 is a serious flaw that could be exploited for code execution. The patch was released within days of being reported to the proper authorities.

Zoom: A high severity issue, affecting versions before 5.12.2, causes a malicious URL to instigate further cyber attacks when clicked.

Apple: Exploited kernel flaws means you should update to iOS 16.1 or iOS 15.7.1 if you haven’t already.

Consider authorizing automatic updates for any software you use, as it’ll make maintaining data security easier.

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