Update Your Device Now: Apple’s Security Flaw

If you own an iOS device, you should update it immediately. A security vulnerability could allow cybercriminals to take complete control of your devices.

Whether it’s a Mac, iPhone or iPad, your tech is at risk of being compromised. If you own an iPhone 6S or later, 5th generation iPad or later, iPad Pro and iPad Air 2, or any Mac computer running MacOS Monterey, make sure to upgrade ASAP. Some iPod models were also affected.

No comment from Apple has been given in regards to how the flaws were discovered.

There appears to be no technical analysis of the vulnerabilities Apple just patched, although similar flaws in the past have been actively exploited. It may be too early to tell whether this particular flaw has been taken advantage of, however with such little information from the tech company surrounding the issue, it remains unclear.

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