Toyota App Users May Be At Risk Of Surprising Scams

If you own a Toyota vehicle and use their smartphone app, you should know that the company warned of a data leak that might have affected almost 300,000 pieces of customer information.

If you’ve used Toyota’s T-Connect service, you may now be at risk of receiving phishing attacks, or other forms of spam emails. The potential leak includes customers who signed up for the service from July 2017, and includes email addresses and customer numbers. Other sensitive information, like credit card info or phone numbers, were not leaked.

Toyota announced that a contractor for their website may have had parts of the source code online and set to public access until September 15th of this year. So far, there is no evidence that a third-party has accessed the data server.

If you’ve used this app’s services, keep a careful eye out for any strange or suspicious emails in your inbox. Should you fall victim to a phishing attempt, more than just your email address is at risk– you could lose access to accounts, suffer a ransomware attack, or worse.

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