The Truth

A Managed Service Provider is More Than Just a PC Repair Shop

Confused or skeptical about what role an MSP may play in your business infrastructure? Below, we’ll go over (and debunk) some common myths surrounding what it is an MSP does, and what they value.

Myth: External consultants aren’t going to care more about the quality of your technology and data than your internal team

Fact: The right MSP is likely to stay more up to date with emerging tech trends than your IT team, who are overwhelmed trying to maintain your entire system. MSP offering can increase client efficiency by 60%, and with 24/7 availability, your systems are maintained with little downtime.

Myth: Your company data is less secure

Fact: The top reason companies hire MSPs is for their security expertise and ability to stay on top of trends to ensure security is always updated. When your core business is to manage technology solutions for multiple companies, your top priority is to have the best security systems to keep client’s data safe.

Myth: MSPs are more expensive

Fact: Studies and surveys show that hiring an MSP is not only more cost-effective, but your company will likely enjoy considerable savings by 50% or more.

Myth: Internal IT loses control of operations

Fact: An effective MSP will set clear expectations with you, as well as list a scope of services and a strong service agreement (SLA). You will be able to define your requirements beforehand and the right partner wont challenge your control.

Myth: Transitioning to an MSP creates internal confusion

MSPs will have very little impact on your internal team’s day-to-day activities. Most companies use MSPs for backup and disaster recovery followed by antivirus/spam filtering and storage management.

Myth: Your current IT team will become obsolete

Fact: Only 6% of companies that hired an MSP eliminated their in-house IT team. A majority of companies see MSPs as a way to help IT reprioritize its role. An effective MSP will empower your internal IT so they can focus on other initiatives that support company growth.

Information sourced from auth0.