Porch piracy is an ever-increasing problem, especially in a world where more people than ever are shopping from home. If you aren’t there to pick up a package when it arrives, there is a solid chance it may not be there when you get home. Eufy Security has unveiled its Smart Drop, a smart, connected lockbox that uses a built-in camera and advanced artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology to keep an eye on your packages while you’re away.

While security cameras and video doorbells can help spot a thief, they don’t do much to stop them. The Smart Drop is a carbon steel box that locks away your packages. Unless the would-be thief has some serious hardware and a lot of time, they’ll have some difficulty attempting to break into the box itself.

Users can unlock the Smart Drop through a variety of different methods, including a PIN code and through the Eufy app. The device is a combination of mailbox, smart lock, and security camera, boasting a 1080p, 160-degree field of view with night vision capabilities. The device also uses facial recognition and motion detection and will notify you when a delivery is made. The Smart Drop works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, too.

Don’t worry about someone taking off with the Smart Drop itself, either. The device can be fixed to the floor or to the wall and is IP65 rated to protect itself (and your packages) against most forms of weather. There’s even an interior drainage system in case water does make its way into the Smart Drop.

The Smart Drop is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter for $200, but is not scheduled to be delivered to customers until the third quarter of 2021.

Article sourced from Digital Trends.

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