Easy Way To Stop Hackers: Restart Your Phone

Want a simple way to enhance your cybersecurity? Turn your smartphone on and off again. When it come to security, we tend to think that the more complicated products and services yield better results. In this case, it might be beneficial to prevent cyber attacks by restarting your phone on a weekly basis. Just like […]

Paralyzed Man Can Use Thoughts To Talk With New Brain Implant

A man unable to move or speak is now able to communicate his thoughts using a computer. Science has paved the way for this technology, which comes from an experimental implanted device located in the man’s brain. The device relays information from brain activity that used to control his vocal tract to text on a […]

Want To Get Paid For Your Personal Data? Here’s How

Rather than having companies sell your information without your knowledge, wouldn’t you prefer to get paid when companies track you? One company, called Invisibly, lets you do just that. You may not be rolling in dough after signup, however the concept might eventually change the way users interact with the online ad industry. It’s possible […]

iPhone Not As Secure As You Think, According To Researchers

Apple’s cybersecurity may be lacking when it comes to its smartphone applications. A new report from media outlets and Amnesty International suggests that iMessage security is easily thwarted by hackers. The tech giant has a reputation of catering to user privacy and security more so than other companies. Reasons for this positive association include a […]

Sizable Amount of PS4’s Used For Risky Crypto Mining Scheme

PlayStation 4 consoles were seized in Ukraine after an underground cryptocurrency operation was discovered last week. For those not in the know, cryptocurrency is a payment system that uses blockchain technology as an exchange system online for products or services. Real currency is exchanged for cryptocurrencies, which can act as tokens, in order to pay […]

“Right to Repair” Movement Sees Increased Support Through New Executive Order

The United States is taking a step forward in the “Right to Repair” movement, just as President Joe Biden signs an executive order into action. The order aims to boost competition amongst various industries, from healthcare and technology to the auto industry and online platforms. The hope is to increase support for smaller, independent repair […]

Kaseya Was Warned of Cyber Vulnerability in April, Now Victim of Breach

Kaseya VSA was used as a means to spread ransomware after a known issue was taken advantage of by cybercriminals. The data breach occurred last week and due to the shutdown of Kaseya Cloud and on-premise servers, many companies worldwide were affected by this ransomware attack. The tech firm was privately notified by The Dutch […]

cybersecurity technology

Cyber Insurance: Free Yourself From Liability

No matter how many preventative measures you have in place, there’s always a risk of cyber attacks or data breaches. Whether you already have a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) or not, it’s always a smart business decision to consider adding cyber insurance to your cybersecurity protocol. If you’re in the medical field, the need […]

covid-19 mask

Wearable Tech Could Be Used To Detect Pathogens and Viruses

MIT and Harvard University engineers have created a face mask prototype that’s able to detect whether the wearer has COVID-19. It takes about 90 minutes of wearing the mask to detect a positive case, but the technology could be used to create clothing that can detect other viruses and pathogens. In a recent study, researchers […]

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Electronics Can Have A Massive Impact On Sleep Quality, According To Study

Sleep is such a vital part of our lives. It gives your body a chance to rest, recuperate and enhances your ability to remember things you’ve learned throughout the day. But what happens to your health when you skimp out on those precious Z’s? Associations between electronic media use and sleep quality were found in […]