MFA Used By Only 8% Of High Level Executives

A BlackCloak study reveals that only a small percentage of C-Level execs have strong cyber hygiene. More than 1,000 respondents were surveyed for this study. The results found that 76% of executive’s personal devices are leaking data, 27% of their devices had malware, and a whopping 87% of devices had no security. In addition to […]

Windows 11 Show Apps Who’ve Seen Your Private Info

Want to know who’s checked your mic, camera and contacts? A new Microsoft privacy feature will let you do just that. The new feature, which was added in a June Windows 11 Preview Build, keeps a record of which apps have accessed your location, messaging and phone calls within the previous week. If you go […]

Gel To Repair Heart Attack Damage Is In The Works

Researchers in the UK have created a way to help promote tissue regrowth after experiencing a cardiovascular event. The biodegradable technology could help improve health outcomes for the 1.4 million Britons who have survived a heart attack, as well as set a precedent for further injection technology. Survivors of these types of medical events generally […]

Be Part of Brain Health Research Using Your Apple Watch

Are you between the ages of 60 and 86? You could be a part of a virtual study that aims to investigate how Apple Watches and iPhones could play a role in measuring brain health over time. The app, called Intuition, is looking for participants of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities and education levels to […]

Stolen iPhones Vulnerable To Little Known Pay-For-Hack Service

Apple phones may be at risk of being unlocked and resold via an underground hacking service. An underground group called is offering a way to strip the “Activation Lock” from iPhones, which is a feature implemented to prevent phones from being sold for profit after being stolen. The lock can be used when setting […]

DuckDuckGo’s Privacy In Question.. Are They Selling Out?

Privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo, may not actually be as private as it claims. According to security researcher Zach Edwards, DuckDuckGo made an exception for collecting advertising data as requested by its business partner, Microsoft. The search engine’s mobile browsers don’t block certain requests made by Microsoft, even though DuckDuckGo has a built-in tracker blocking browser. […]

iPhones Can Run Malware When Powered Off? That’s A Surprise

Researchers have found that Apple phones may allow the execution of malware even when they’re not turned on. The “Find My” function on iOS has an attack surface that allows firmware tampering, with the ability to load and execute malware via a Bluetooth chip. These types of wireless chips, which also include Near-field communication (NFC) […]

150-Year Old College Taken Down By Ransomware And Covid

Lincoln College in Illinois is shutting down on Friday, in part due to a combination of pandemic related issues as well as a ransomware attack. The college is one of the rural few that qualify as a predominantly Black institution according to the Department of Education. The college was named after President Abraham Lincoln and […]

Mental Health Apps Might Not Be Secure.. Or Private

According to Mozilla, 25 out of 32 mental health and religious-based apps tested did not meet Mozilla’s Minimum Security Standards. The lackluster security and privacy for users is alarming, considering the nature of these applications. Contents of these apps include sensitive and personally relevant information, like mental health awareness topics and prayer. Mozilla found that […]

New Feature By Google Shows Data Collected On App Store

First it was Apple, now it’s Android’s turn. As of Tuesday, Google has unveiled a feature showing which apps on the Play Store collect data, and for what purpose. The safety measure was first announced back in May of 2021, and is similar to Apple’s privacy details. It’ll show what data is being shared with […]