150-Year Old College Taken Down By Ransomware And Covid

Lincoln College in Illinois is shutting down on Friday, in part due to a combination of pandemic related issues as well as a ransomware attack. The college is one of the rural few that qualify as a predominantly Black institution according to the Department of Education. The college was named after President Abraham Lincoln and […]

New Feature By Google Shows Data Collected On App Store

First it was Apple, now it’s Android’s turn. As of Tuesday, Google has unveiled a feature showing which apps on the Play Store collect data, and for what purpose. The safety measure was first announced back in May of 2021, and is similar to Apple’s privacy details. It’ll show what data is being shared with […]

Is Your Audible Content Secure? Is There A Security Risk?

When you’re spending time talking with colleagues, are you aware of who may be listening? Maybe your office or conference room is separated from another company by only a thin wall, or perhaps a public restroom is located on the other side of your work space. If you often have private, company-related discussions with coworkers […]

Amazon Implementing New 5% Fee For Sellers

Due to rising costs of “fuel and inflation”, third-party sellers who use Amazon will be subject to a 5% fee starting April 28th. This surcharge comes after a country-wide rise in inflation, which Amazon had reportedly told shareholders that its labor costs would eat into the e-commerce site’s sales. The charge will apply to all […]

Almost 50% Of Small Med Groups Don’t Have A Cyberattack Plan, But Need One

According to a Help Net Security survey, 1 in 5 small healthcare practices didn’t know whether they had a cybersecurity response plan. Another 49% stated that they definitely didn’t have one. Why might this be a problem? Well, for starters, medical and healthcare organizations are at the top of the list for opportunistic hackers. Attacks […]

Internet Explorer Is Ending, Make Sure To Migrate Credentials

Support for Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is ending June 15th, which means any bookmarks or login information needs to be moved and saved to other browsers. For the majority of Windows users, you’ll be unable to use IE 11 after this cut off date. Access to the browser will be wiped completely in an upcoming […]

Washington, D.C. Is Suing Grubhub For Its Deceptive Practices

An attorney general from the District of Columbia is suing the delivery service for covert price inflation. The lawsuit claims that diners are on the receiving end of these shady business practices. Grubhub advertises “free” online orders in addition to “unlimited free delivery” for Grubhub Plus, but the lawsuit argues the company is misleading customers. […]

The Average Vulnerability Remediation Time For Organizations? 2 Months

A report from cybersecurity company Edgescan notes that it takes businesses nearly two months, or a mean time to remediate (MTTR) of 60 days, to fix critical risk vulnerabilities. The company’s findings go over known and currently exploited vulnerabilities, as well as industry trends involving vulnerability management. Remote access attacks accounted for roughly 5% of […]

Alert! Windows Defender Security Warning: Don’t Fall For It

The current scam of the week? Technical support scams. Cybercriminals are tricking users into believing that their computers are infected with ransomware or other types of errors via pop-up messages. You may find yourself at one of these fraudulent web pages after clicking on advertisements, when browsing online as usual, or when an installed PUA […]

Alert! Devastating Global Cybers Threats On The Rise

The following message is being sent to all Microsoft Office 365 users on behalf of NYS Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) Chief Information Officer Angelo ‘Tony’ Riddick. Good afternoon, As a result of the recent invasion of Ukraine and the corresponding economic sanctions imposed on Russia, cybersecurity experts now warn that Russia may retaliate […]