USB Containing Private Data On 460,000 Residents Lost In Japan

A contractor in Amagasaki, Japan, recently lost a memory stick with personal data on it after a night out on the town. The man worked with the city to disburse subsidies from the pandemic. His employer released a statement noting that after passing out in the street one night, the man awoke to find that […]

Gel To Repair Heart Attack Damage Is In The Works

Researchers in the UK have created a way to help promote tissue regrowth after experiencing a cardiovascular event. The biodegradable technology could help improve health outcomes for the 1.4 million Britons who have survived a heart attack, as well as set a precedent for further injection technology. Survivors of these types of medical events generally […]

apple pay

Security Issues Found in Visa and Apple Pay

Bugs found in iPhone contactless payment mechanisms could result in fraudulent purchases on your account. Academics from the UK uncovered the technique, whereby attackers could bypass your smartphone’s lock screen to make transactions. According to research, when Visa cards are set up in Express Transit mode in an iPhone wallet, that’s when the vulnerability occurs. […]

When Art Meets Technology: Millions Are On The Line

A new wave of digital technology is taking the world by storm in the form of “nonfungible tokens”, more commonly known as NFTs. These digital tokens are assets verified using blockchain technology, whereby a seller can guarantee a buyer proof of authenticity or ownership of a particular asset. Artists, musicians, influencers and the like are […]

Google Illegally Fires Employees After Spying On Them

According to a complaint by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the tech giant fired two employees after spying on them in the wake of employee protests. The NLRB asserts the company violated US labor laws. Both employees, who were fired in 2019, allege they were fired due to activism. Several other employees were fired […]