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Another Day, Another Security Flaw.. This Time For Android

Earlier this month, Google Chrome experienced a zero-day vulnerability, which included 47 total security updates. Now, it’s Android’s turn. A zero day attack is a type of vulnerability that occurs when a software vendor doesn’t have a patch available for a known issue. The term “zero day” means developers have “zero days” to come up […]


Victor Schools At The Mercy of Hacker After Powerful Cyber Attack

Since the beginning of the week, Victor Central School District has been shut down after falling victim to a ransomware attack. No personal or financial information from students was affected, only the district’s servers. Information sent out to parents explained that the attackers were holding files on the district’s server hostage and asking for ransom. […]

How To Submit Emails To Your IT For Review

Need to ask your IT Support Team about a potential phishing scam, breach or spam mail? Social engineering tactics are in full force these days, with multiple messages heading towards your email address daily. If you’re unsure whether that incoming e-mail is too good to be true, here are some tips to help you submit […]

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The Truth About Identity Theft: Facts And Statistics

No matter which way you look at it, personal information is.. well, personal. It’s a violation of trust and internal security when someone takes advantage of your sensitive information, whether that’s through business or other private means. In the spirit of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, below are some statistics, tips and tricks to keep you […]