5.4 Million Twitter Accounts Have Been Exposed Thanks To Hackers

On Friday, the social media company announced that a now-patched vulnerability was used to link emails and phone numbers to specific user accounts. The zero-day bug was introduced in June of 2021, with Twitter becoming aware of the issue in January of 2022. An advisory from the company stated that, “if someone submitted an email […]

Amazon And Meta Are Facing Poor Sales Growth

Technology companies are facing a slowdown, and the biggest players are not exempt. Within the next two weeks, tech giants will be reporting their earnings, and the results don’t look so good. Meta, formerly Facebook, is set to report zero sales growth in almost a decade, and a decrease in roughly a third of net […]

Platforms Like TikTok & Facebook Can Create Poor Perception of Finances

Social media has a negative correlation with feelings about money, according to a survey from Bankrate. The study shows that over 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. who use social media have feelings of jealousy, anger, shame and anxiety regarding finances after browsing social platforms. Not surprisingly, the largest demographic hit by these feelings […]

Scammers Using Amazon Prime Day To Their Advantage

This year’s Prime Day starts today, July 12th, and cyber-criminals are ready to steal your information. Targeted email attacks known as phishing scams have been on the rise since the beginning of the month, according to Check Point Research (CPR). There’s been a 37% increase in the amount of daily Amazon phishing attacks in comparison […]

No More Unending Browser Tabs With UpNext App

Instead of opening an absurd amount of tabs, how about saving all of your web content in one place? UpNext is an app that lets you save and access videos, tweets, PDFs, and more in one central location. No more clogging up your browser with tabs you’ve long forgotten to look at. The application shows […]

MFA Used By Only 8% Of High Level Executives

A BlackCloak study reveals that only a small percentage of C-Level execs have strong cyber hygiene. More than 1,000 respondents were surveyed for this study. The results found that 76% of executive’s personal devices are leaking data, 27% of their devices had malware, and a whopping 87% of devices had no security. In addition to […]

Be Part of Brain Health Research Using Your Apple Watch

Are you between the ages of 60 and 86? You could be a part of a virtual study that aims to investigate how Apple Watches and iPhones could play a role in measuring brain health over time. The app, called Intuition, is looking for participants of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities and education levels to […]

DuckDuckGo’s Privacy In Question.. Are They Selling Out?

Privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo, may not actually be as private as it claims. According to security researcher Zach Edwards, DuckDuckGo made an exception for collecting advertising data as requested by its business partner, Microsoft. The search engine’s mobile browsers don’t block certain requests made by Microsoft, even though DuckDuckGo has a built-in tracker blocking browser. […]

iPhones Can Run Malware When Powered Off? That’s A Surprise

Researchers have found that Apple phones may allow the execution of malware even when they’re not turned on. The “Find My” function on iOS has an attack surface that allows firmware tampering, with the ability to load and execute malware via a Bluetooth chip. These types of wireless chips, which also include Near-field communication (NFC) […]

Mental Health Apps Might Not Be Secure.. Or Private

According to Mozilla, 25 out of 32 mental health and religious-based apps tested did not meet Mozilla’s Minimum Security Standards. The lackluster security and privacy for users is alarming, considering the nature of these applications. Contents of these apps include sensitive and personally relevant information, like mental health awareness topics and prayer. Mozilla found that […]