More VPNs Are Vulnerable: Cyber Attacks Increase By Almost 2000%

With more companies embracing work-from-home or hybrid work environments, there’s been an increase in attacks targeting virtual private networks (VPN). Cybersecurity is becoming an important point of discussion for everyone in today’s climate. Employees need to ensure their individual safety while businesses ensure the safety of the group. Not to mention government agencies, who oversee […]

amazon echo

Privacy Concerns As Amazon Sidewalk Shares Your Internet With Strangers

If you have any Echo devices or Ring smart home cameras, you’ll want to keep reading. On Tuesday, Amazon released Amazon Sidewalk, a shared network that benefits other Sidewalk-enabled devices. It works by pooling small amounts of internet bandwidth from connected devices (called Sidewalk Bridges) in the neighborhood. The goal of the program is to […]

coloniel pipeline

Executive Order Signed to Strengthen Cybersecurity After Pipeline Hack

After a ransomware attack that impacted gasoline prices this week, President Biden has signed an executive order to fortify the United State’s defenses against cyber attacks. Colonial Pipeline, a business that supplies much of the east coast with gas and fuel, was hit last week when a hacking group stole 100GB worth of company data. […]