iPhones Can Run Malware When Powered Off? That’s A Surprise

Researchers have found that Apple phones may allow the execution of malware even when they’re not turned on. The “Find My” function on iOS has an attack surface that allows firmware tampering, with the ability to load and execute malware via a Bluetooth chip. These types of wireless chips, which also include Near-field communication (NFC) […]

Mental Health Apps Might Not Be Secure.. Or Private

According to Mozilla, 25 out of 32 mental health and religious-based apps tested did not meet Mozilla’s Minimum Security Standards. The lackluster security and privacy for users is alarming, considering the nature of these applications. Contents of these apps include sensitive and personally relevant information, like mental health awareness topics and prayer. Mozilla found that […]

New Feature By Google Shows Data Collected On App Store

First it was Apple, now it’s Android’s turn. As of Tuesday, Google has unveiled a feature showing which apps on the Play Store collect data, and for what purpose. The safety measure was first announced back in May of 2021, and is similar to Apple’s privacy details. It’ll show what data is being shared with […]

North Korean Crypto Hack And The Global Security Implications

Massive cryptocurrency hacks may signal a new and upcoming type of national security threat. United States authorities have recently tied the Axie Infinity hack, in which a threat actor stole roughly $625 million worth of crypto, back to North Korean hackers. Last Thursday, groups Lazarus and APT38, which are both linked to North Korea, were […]

Worldcoin: A Scam, Or Cryptocurrency As Universal Basic Income?

Would you let an AI “orb” scan your face, eyeballs, and other biometric data for the chance at riches down the line? Is the premise of a worldwide, opt-in based cryptocurrency a great idea, or a dystopian nightmare? Worldcoin offers simple rewards for its initial test groups. In exchange for your unique, biometric data for […]

Money Transfer Service Cash App Impacted By Breach

Block, formerly known as Square, has confirmed that a former employee downloaded reports from Cash App back in December of 2021. A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) states that while the employee had access to reports as part of their prior job responsibilities, the employee gained unauthorized access after their employment had […]

Almost 50% Of Small Med Groups Don’t Have A Cyberattack Plan, But Need One

According to a Help Net Security survey, 1 in 5 small healthcare practices didn’t know whether they had a cybersecurity response plan. Another 49% stated that they definitely didn’t have one. Why might this be a problem? Well, for starters, medical and healthcare organizations are at the top of the list for opportunistic hackers. Attacks […]

Internet Explorer Is Ending, Make Sure To Migrate Credentials

Support for Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is ending June 15th, which means any bookmarks or login information needs to be moved and saved to other browsers. For the majority of Windows users, you’ll be unable to use IE 11 after this cut off date. Access to the browser will be wiped completely in an upcoming […]

Central Bank of Russia Secrets To Be Released By Anonymous Group

An account on Twitter claiming to be affiliated with the hacking group says they’ll release 35,000 stolen files exposing secret agreements pertaining to Russia’s central bank. Anonymous has launched multiple cyber-attacks against Russian backed entities after the invasion of Ukraine on February 24th. The group has targeted state-run media, energy firms as well as Russian […]

Russia’s IT Storage Is About To Run Out

Western cloud providers have cut business ties with the country, leaving Russia with only two months of data storage left. Currently, the Russian government is considering different methods to resolve this issue, from taking IT resources from businesses that left the country to leasing domestic data storage. The storage capacity requirements of local companies there […]