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Are You Protected Against Text-Based Phishing?

If your primary cell phone is a smartphone, you’re at risk of a “smishing” attack. Similar to phishing attacks, a bad actor will utilize text messages containing malicious links in order to get you to give up personal information, bank account numbers, etc by posing as a trusted source. These types of attacks have been […]


60% of Employees Fail Simple Cybersecurity Quiz

According to a recent research study by TalentLMS, 70% of employees say they received cyber awareness training from their employer. Although that percentage may be high, a whopping 61% of those employees failed a basic cybersecurity quiz. What’s even more fascinating is that 60% of employees who failed the quiz report that they feel safe […]

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Update Your Chrome Browser: New Active Security Flaw

Google released updates yesterday for another zero-day vulnerability, almost a month after patching an actively exploited zero-day flaw. The tech giant released the patch for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which includes a total of 47 security updates. The term zero day describes a type of vulnerability that occurs when a software vendor is aware of […]


Ryuk Ransomware Now Worms Way Into Other Network Devices

A new variant of Ryuk ransomware has been found by a French cyber-security agency. This particular strain allows the malware to propagate itself to other machines within the Window’s domain. For those not in the know, a ransomware breach occurs when an attacker encrypts your files until you pay them a ransom. These usually occur […]

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In A Terrifying Twist, Hacker Almost Poisons Florida Water Supply

When we hear of cyber attacks and data breaches, we tend to only think of digital world damage. But there’s real world consequences when a malicious entity has access to your computer system, files or network. Take this story for example. A water treatment plant employee in Oldsmar, Florida had a hacker remotely access his […]

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Safer Internet Day: Resources for Web Security

Tech holidays like today are a great way to remind ourselves to stay on top of cybersecurity best practices. Now is the time to change passwords, beef up data security, and refresh our knowledge on what cyber threats are out there lying in wait. Since today is Safer Internet Day, we’ll be going over some […]


Victor Schools At The Mercy of Hacker After Powerful Cyber Attack

Since the beginning of the week, Victor Central School District has been shut down after falling victim to a ransomware attack. No personal or financial information from students was affected, only the district’s servers. Information sent out to parents explained that the attackers were holding files on the district’s server hostage and asking for ransom. […]

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80% of Employees Overshare on Social Media, Increases Risk

The more personal information out on the web, the easier it is for hackers to gain access to not just your account, but your business accounts as well. Oversharing on social media exposes organizations to online fraud, phishing and other social engineering attacks. In a study that polled 4,000 US and UK professionals, over half […]

Largest Streaming Service Spotify Suffers Third Breach In A Month

E-mail addresses, display names, passwords and dates of birth were among the personal information exposed by the music service after suffering a third data breach since November. Spotify stated that the exposure was due to a software vulnerability that occurred from April until it was rectified mid-November this year. The first incident occurred when threat […]

Devastating Cyber Attack Against U.S. Government Puts You At Risk

Multiple U.S. entities have been hit by a cyberattack suspected to originate from Russia. Sensitive information and confidential federal government data may have been exploited. Federal agencies such as the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, parts of the Pentagon as well as other Fortune 500 companies and major corporations may be compromised due […]