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Data Liability – Why Old Media May Cost You Thousands

Employees and clients may come and go throughout the lifetime of a business, but that doesn’t mean their data leaves with them. Billing documents, personal health information, and other records need to be kept electronically and digitally to comply with local, state and federal laws. While keeping data is necessary to prevent any legal issues, […]


Got A COVID-19 Test From Walgreens? Sensitive Data Was Exposed

If you got tested for the coronavirus through the company’s pharmacy, your personal information may have been left unsecured on the web. Patient information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, emails and even positive or negative results were vulnerable to exploitation. Millions of people used Walgreens’ testing services over the course of the pandemic, and […]

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Data of 60 Million Fitness and Health Tracking Records Exposed

An online database left millions of wearable tech users exposed, including those who use Fitbit and Apple’s HealthKit. The records are said to come from GetHealth, a company who’s platform also takes health-related data from places like Misfit Wearables, Microsoft Band, Strava and Google Fit. Sensitive information was included in the data repository, including names, […]

WhatsApp Mods Can Read Your Encrypted Texts Under Special Circumstances

Your WhatsApp conversations may be less private than you think. While the Facebook-owned company states its messages are encrypted with the same encryption protocol as Signal, non-profit company ProPublica says WhatsApp has some practices that make it less secure. If a user reports private messages, images and videos as spam or abusive in nature, the […]

Frightening Bill Allows Police To Control Devices/Data Without A Warrant

Surveillance is power. A recent bill passed by the Australian government allows local law enforcement access to people’s devices without a judge’s warrant. In particular, the The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2020 gives the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) the following abilities: Data Disruption Warrant: Modification […]

Private Nude Photos Stolen in Horrifying iCloud Scam

A California man has plead guilty to a scam that involved stealing and distributing private photos of young women. The person in question, 40-year old Hao Kuo Chi of La Puente, impersonated Apple’s customer support team in order to steal iCloud passwords. He collected over 620,000 private photos and videos from his social engineering campaign. […]

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Security Risk As Chinese Firms Control Your Smart Devices

Chinese smart technologies are in many of the items you use. And they could pose a decent security risk. Tuya, Inc. of Hangzhou is a technology firm that services more than 1,1000 areas from healthcare and agriculture to apartment management, and whose products are sold in over 220 countries. Affiliated with Tencent, Tuya provides platform […]

T-Mobile Cyberattack Exposed Vulnerable Information For 40 Million People

The data breach in question included sensitive information like first and last names, birth dates and social security numbers. The tech company was informed of the hack and has been investigating the incident within the last week. According to a Vice report, someone in an online forum tried to sell $270,000 worth of stolen information […]

Hacker Returns Cryptocurrency After Stealing $600 Million In Assets

Funds from one of the largest cryptocurrency hacks to date is now being returned just days later. Poly Network, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, was hacked on August 10th which allowed attackers to transfer Binance Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon forms of crypto to their wallets. Cryptocurrencies are a type of virtual currency that uses blockchain […]

Amazon Kindle Security Flaw And eBooks with Malware

Your e-reader could’ve been compromised. A security bug disclosed this past week would’ve allowed hackers to install devices with malware, giving them unauthorized access to Amazon accounts and other sensitive information. Once a malicious kindle book was opened, a user’s screen would be locked and an attacker would gain total control of the e-reader. While […]