150-Year Old College Taken Down By Ransomware And Covid

Lincoln College in Illinois is shutting down on Friday, in part due to a combination of pandemic related issues as well as a ransomware attack. The college is one of the rural few that qualify as a predominantly Black institution according to the Department of Education. The college was named after President Abraham Lincoln and […]

Almost 50% Of Small Med Groups Don’t Have A Cyberattack Plan, But Need One

According to a Help Net Security survey, 1 in 5 small healthcare practices didn’t know whether they had a cybersecurity response plan. Another 49% stated that they definitely didn’t have one. Why might this be a problem? Well, for starters, medical and healthcare organizations are at the top of the list for opportunistic hackers. Attacks […]

Internet Explorer Is Ending, Make Sure To Migrate Credentials

Support for Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is ending June 15th, which means any bookmarks or login information needs to be moved and saved to other browsers. For the majority of Windows users, you’ll be unable to use IE 11 after this cut off date. Access to the browser will be wiped completely in an upcoming […]

Does Your IT Have A CISSP? Learn Why That’s Valuable

A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a premier international cybersecurity certification that proves an individual can validate their expertise in the IT field. The exam for this certification contains around 100 to 150 questions and can take up to 3 hours to complete. It’s widely regarded as a difficult exam, and although pass […]

Russia’s IT Storage Is About To Run Out

Western cloud providers have cut business ties with the country, leaving Russia with only two months of data storage left. Currently, the Russian government is considering different methods to resolve this issue, from taking IT resources from businesses that left the country to leasing domestic data storage. The storage capacity requirements of local companies there […]

Legal Firm Fined A Whopping ~100k Due To Cybersecurity Incident

A legal practice in the UK has been fined £98,000 after a security incident lead to hackers stealing sensitive court case information. The group in question, Tuckers Solicitors, had a cybersecurity policy that failed to comply with GDPR requirements. Because of this, criminals were able to breach the business’ network and encrypt 24,711 “court bundled” […]

Use Bluetooth To Lock Your PC When You’re Away

Want to deter unwanted visitors from accessing your computer? If you’re ever at work and need to leave your desk in a hurry, it might be wise to consider pairing your phone with your PC ahead of time. It’s possible to use Bluetooth capabilities on your smartphone to lock your computer for you in the […]

NY Post and WSJ Newspapers Victim of Hacking Campaign

Last week, the company that owns The Wall Street Journal and New York Post said that it had been the victim of a data breach. In an email to employees, News Corp. stated that company systems had been breached by hackers, with specific documents and reporter email accounts targeted. Only news organizations under the media […]

Job Application Software Is Filtering Out Quality Candidates

Workers looking for a new position may be getting snubbed by automated hiring systems. A report from the Harvard Business School suggests that employers who use software that scans resumes for them may inadvertently be turning away qualified candidates. Many individuals are rejected by the software, which is used by 75% of employers in the […]

Paralyzed Man Can Use Thoughts To Talk With New Brain Implant

A man unable to move or speak is now able to communicate his thoughts using a computer. Science has paved the way for this technology, which comes from an experimental implanted device located in the man’s brain. The device relays information from brain activity that used to control his vocal tract to text on a […]