T-Mobile Cyberattack Exposed Vulnerable Information For 40 Million People

The data breach in question included sensitive information like first and last names, birth dates and social security numbers.

The tech company was informed of the hack and has been investigating the incident within the last week. According to a Vice report, someone in an online forum tried to sell $270,000 worth of stolen information taken from T-Mobile servers. Around 7.8 million current accounts were affected, as well as 40 million prospective or former clients who had applied for credit.

Other data found to be compromised included driver’s licenses and PIN numbers of around 850,000 currently active prepaid customers. Those customers will have their PINs reset, according to T-Mobile representatives. Customers not affected by the breach are being encouraged to switch their PIN numbers anyways.

There’s no indication that phone numbers, account numbers, passwords, financial, or credit card information had been stolen.

Businesses are facing more cybersecurity threats now than ever. As time goes on, it’s evident that companies and organizations don’t have the proper security protocols in place to deal with large scale breaches such as the ones we’re seeing today. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and threat actors are getting bolder.

Having the bare minimum in today’s world is not enough to keep you safe. Multi-layered and multi-level protection can prevent a bad cyberattack from becoming catastrophic.

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