Spring Clean Your Technology This Year

We clean our houses once the weather warms, why not clean up our tech clutter too?

Digital spring cleaning can be the difference between a highly organized system or a data breach waiting to happen. By taking small steps to improve your IT environment, you can keep your data squeaky clean and out of harm’s way.

Some easy ways to sift through the clutter can include the following:

  • If you use a password manager, you won’t have to remember multiple different logins. These types of management systems generate strong passphrases that are encrypted. Having this information stored in one place keeps you from forgetting or mismanaging your login information.
  • By using multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA) you eliminate the risk of someone hacking your data. It adds an extra layer of security for cybercriminals to get through, making it tougher for them to break in.
  • Consider whitelisting certain applications, which allows only specific software to be run on your devices. This makes it way more difficult for malware or ransomware to be executed on your devices.
  • Only allow administrative privileges to those who need it. The more individuals who have access to your network, who are not familiar with cybersecurity, the more you put yourself at risk.
  • Setting up a guest WiFi network, separate from your private network, means only approved devices have access to your infrastructure. This creates another barrier for hackers to get through.

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