Why A Managed Service Provider?

A continuous relationship between your organization and an IT provider should be more than just fixing a broken connection. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is your strategic partner– a part of your team who manages both internal and external security. Having a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer at your fingertips can make a world of difference between a secure organization or a liability waiting to happen.


Managed Security Services

Ongoing proactive cybersecurity maintenance with features like anti-virus protection, 24x7 monitoring, patching and remote support. Multiple layers and levels of security.

Product Management

Scheduled preventative maintenance and regular upgrades of hardware and software.

Regulatory Compliance & Auditing

Compliance with federal and state regulations for successful audits.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Uninterrupted access to data and workflow. Minimal obstructions to operations in the event of an issue.

2-Year Rolling Budget Planning

Focus on productivity and smooth transitions. Necessary replacements for unsupported, old or faulty infrastructure ahead of time.

Inventory & Reporting

Accurate counts of workstations and servers alongside reporting of said hardware.

Cybersecurity Training

Continuous education on topics like social engineering, data breaches and more. Users learn strategies to defend against cyber attacks.

Infrastructure Design & Security

Procuring the right equipment without the proper systems design can lead to unsecured IT environment. An optimal network structure means better security maintenance.

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Get Educated

Automated security training for your employees will help protect against critical cyber attacks. Employees are the first line of defense when a bad actor comes knocking, so you’d better know how to defend yourself. 

Upgrade Your Phone

Crexendo is a cloud communications service that offers mobile, browser and traditional desk phones for your business. Touch screen devices and a portal-based management interface helps streamline business operations.

Tech Products

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