Russia’s IT Storage Is About To Run Out

Western cloud providers have cut business ties with the country, leaving Russia with only two months of data storage left.

Currently, the Russian government is considering different methods to resolve this issue, from taking IT resources from businesses that left the country to leasing domestic data storage. The storage capacity requirements of local companies there increased multiple times over, leading to a need for more resources. There aren’t enough data centers in the country to begin with, on top of a stressed infrastructure due to Russian agencies prioritizing projects like video surveillance and facial recognition.

To free up space, Internet Service Providers may need to get rid of streaming services and other large entertainment platforms. Another option Russia has is to seize IT servers and storage from foreign companies who exited the country due to imposed sanctions.

As a final option, the Russian government could utilize Chinese cloud service providers and sellers, however there’s currently no consensus on how much China is willing to aid Russia and on which sectors. As of March 26, 2022 Huawei has suspended equipment sales to Russia, however there is potential for them to change their mind. The company is currently sanctioned by the United States and unable to roll out 5G in European countries, leaving them with a potential business opportunity in working with Russia.

We’ll have to wait and see how Russia handles this situation in the months to come.

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