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MFA Used By Only 8% Of High Level Executives

A BlackCloak study reveals that only a small percentage of C-Level execs have strong cyber hygiene. More than 1,000 respondents were surveyed for this study. The results found that 76% of executive’s personal devices are leaking data, […]

Windows 11 Show Apps Who’ve Seen Your Private Info

Want to know who’s checked your mic, camera and contacts? A new Microsoft privacy feature will let you do just that. The new feature, which was added in a June Windows 11 Preview Build, keeps a record […]

Gel To Repair Heart Attack Damage Is In The Works

Researchers in the UK have created a way to help promote tissue regrowth after experiencing a cardiovascular event. The biodegradable technology could help improve health outcomes for the 1.4 million Britons who have survived a heart attack, […]


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