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12 Million Jobs Might Be Lost To Automation

By the year 2040, it’s estimated that up to 34% of jobs in Europe could be taken over by technology. This redundancy, according to Forrester’s Future of Jobs Forecast, will primarily impact workers in the food service, […]

Most Popular Brands Imitated For Phishing Attempts

Familiar companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are among Check Point Research’s top list of brands that cybercriminals tend to impersonate most often when it comes to phishing attacks. DHL took the lead as the brand most […]

Cold Kitties Love The Heat From SpaceX’s Starlink

As one Starlink user found out, the warmth from outdoor satellite dishes might be attracting some feline friends this winter. The satellite internet service, which has shipped over 100,000 terminals in 2021 alone, might have a curious […]


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