Total Secure IT Service Plans

Different industries have different needs. Medical companies need HIPAA compliance, government entities need good standing with the Comptroller, and businesses need to maintain peak operational efficiency. The specific requirements of your organization will help determine the Managed Service plan that best fits your needs.

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Layers of Protection Needed MedicalGovernment
Layers of Protection Needed
Domain Protection Management
Virus/Malware Email Filtering
Unlimited Remote Support
24/7 Issue Alerts
Security Patching
Local PC Protection
Web Filter and Controls
Ticket Portal/Track IT Issues & Reporting
Monthly Status Reporting
Real-time Status Dashboard of Your IT Environment
Enterprise Off-Site Email Scrubbing/Encryption
Required Policies/Security Training ProvidedADD-ON
Monthly Compliance ManagerADD-ON
Server Recovery from Ransomware Critical PC Recovery/BackupADD-ONADD-ON
Enterprise-wide Password Storage/Password ManagementADD-ONADD-ONADD-ON
Breach Prevention/File/Process MonitoringADD-ONADD-ONADD-ON
Third-Party Annual Security AuditADD-ONADD-ONADD-ON
Biometric/Two-Factor AuthenticationADD-ONADD-ONADD-ON

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