Planning & Procurement

Stop the guesses. Learn how to predict the future.

Think about it: CFOs aren’t the same as CTOs/CIOs. Even the most seasoned CFO can’t keep up with technology changes, software end-of-life, and daunting industry-based regulations. If you need help creating budgets that minimize surprises and keep productivity high, you’ll need the right hardware, software, and training.

For instance, technology budget planning is largely based on aging equipment, regulatory requirements, and unsupported hardware and software. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP last year and will cease supporting 2003 Server by the end of this quarter. These are the sort of variables that will turn your budgets upside down if you don’t anticipate and plan for them. 

Working as your company’s CTO, we don’t just recommend a solution — we work with you and your team to define the benchmarks that need to be achieved. We analyze, measure and adjust, and we hold everyone—including ourselves—accountable.

We make product recommendations that make a difference.

Systems Analysis

Anyone can purchase equipment. But not everyone knows how to develop a strategy to integrate the hardware, the software, and the means by which electronic information moves through your network. With our deep understanding of your vertical market and our high regard for effective, efficient design, we’ll create a system that operates at peak efficiency within your organization.


We’ve vetted the best hardware to meet the unique needs of our customer based on uptime requirements, vertical market needs, and even regulatory mandates. Did you know that medical environments require a specific surge suppressor? They do, along with different regulatory requirements based on the area of use within a medical facility. At SkyPort IT, we stand behind the servers, workstations, thin-clients and infrastructure hardware we provide.


There are a lot of software applications out there—and we provide support for nearly every one of them. We’ll help train you for success, integrating data between applications as well as partnerships with software development companies. So when you just have to have that custom app, we’ll help you differentiate your business and give you a competitive edge.


This is an area that often gets the least attention—but it’s also a key factor  in the successful deployment of your business strategies. We’ll help you define and codify your workflow, and establish procedures and best-practices that will enable you to achieve maximum efficiencies.

For medical customers, training in HIPAA/HITECH risks is critical. Our social engineering training and testing provide invaluable information to your organization’s management team and front-line employees.

Stop dealing with SPAM and start saving money.

Let’s say you’re paying each employee $15 per hour or $.25 per minute. Each employee can spend up to 5 minutes per day deleting spam at a cost of $1.25 per day. With 25 working days per month, you’re spending $31.25 per employee per month on spam management. With just 10 employees, your company loses $312.50 per month! 20 employees? A whopping $625.00 per month! Warning: Spam e-mails are not only annoying and time consuming, but they’re also becoming more dangerous to the security of your business! SkyPort IT has created a best-in-class, highly-redundant, HIPAA-compliant, encrypted-email solution based on Barracuda Networks technology.

This partnership brings your organization a total Spam filtering solution. Please contact us to see how you can benefit from our low cost, per mailbox, spam filtering service.