Physical Security Is Just As Important As Data Security

Maintaining an up-to-date physical security system can make or break a business when it comes to theft prevention and remediation.

Many organizations utilize surveillance video systems, however it’s not uncommon for these recording systems to experience outages or outright failures. As expensive as this tech is, maintenance is usually lacking.

IoT devices, including networked cameras, are routinely compromised by cyber-criminals. Not having a strong physical security infrastructure means a criminal can get away without being identified, or having the footage that is captured be inconclusive. High-resolution video and a number of camera angles are usually necessary to pinpoint a culprit. Without these, it may take longer to solve a theft– if it ever gets solved at all.

The other issue with not having enough working cameras includes time delays, where seconds matter. The remediation process after experiencing a crime might take longer to resolve, which has a considerable impact on your business.

Although surveillance footage can be lost due to weather, hardware defects, hacking or network issues, it’s most often caused by lack of maintenance. Having a working, reliable physical security system shouldn’t be an afterthought when it could cost your organization time, money and important assets.

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