No More Unending Browser Tabs With UpNext App

Instead of opening an absurd amount of tabs, how about saving all of your web content in one place?

UpNext is an app that lets you save and access videos, tweets, PDFs, and more in one central location. No more clogging up your browser with tabs you’ve long forgotten to look at. The application shows you a set of daily recommended saved content on its home screen, plus links you’ve recently added. You can also swipe left and right on the app’s review page to keep or archive what you’ve saved.

After being in beta for over a year, the service is launching on iPhone, iPad and the web. Android access will be added later at an undetermined date. Users will be able to purchase the app for $10 per month or $69 for a yearly subscription. The co-founder of UpNext didn’t rule out implementing a lower-cost or free version, however that would likely not be the case anytime soon.

The goal of the app appears to be delivering the most accurate content to users at the right time. UpNext allows you to take notes as well as highlight text, although there’s no way to manually categorize your content. It encourages you to create various playlists instead, which can be shared with other people.

A bookmark service, curated interface or knowledge dumping ground? Whatever you want to call it, UpNext’s automated content aims to put up a good fight against the backlog of tabs in your browser.

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