New Pain Free Medical Tattoos Are On Their Way

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have invented new microscopic needles that could be used for tattooing.

The skin patches contain needles smaller than sand, and deposit color similar to pixels when injected into the skin. Once the tattoo is configured, the patch can be pressed into the skin with no bleeding or pain.

For usage as medical tattoos, the patches could potentially cover scars, restore nipples after a mastectomy, as well as act as a guide for radiation treatment. The research team initially considered the microneedle technology for vaccine delivery, but many are interested in the potential to use the patches for cosmetic tattooing.

The lack of blood and pain that comes from a traditional tattoo could be appealing to those who are interested in getting eyebrow, lip or eyeliner tattoos. It would likely expedite the process while causing minimal downtime for consumers.

While microneedle tattoos won’t replace the work of regular tattoo parlors, having the option of a small, pain-free tattoo that’s easily administered is worth the investment for patients and cosmetic enthusiasts alike.

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