New Feature By Google Shows Data Collected On App Store

First it was Apple, now it’s Android’s turn.

As of Tuesday, Google has unveiled a feature showing which apps on the Play Store collect data, and for what purpose. The safety measure was first announced back in May of 2021, and is similar to Apple’s privacy details. It’ll show what data is being shared with third-parties, how it’s handled, as well as which security practices the app has (like whether data within the app can be deleted, for example).

Developers have until July 20, 2022 to complete this section, with continued updates expected should the app’s data functionality be changed.

While this data safety system sounds good in theory, it relies on app developers to be honest and straightforward about how they utilize the information they collect. Apple has stated that it will audit it’s own labels for accuracy, although no mention of a similar plan has been discussed for the Google Play Store.

Google mentioned that its app review process isn’t designed to certify the information being declared by third-party developers, although they will be strictly enforcing updates and addressing discrepancies if they find anything amiss.

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