Microsoft Teams: Is It Better Than Zoom?

Both Microsoft and Zoom offer free versions of their platforms. You may be wondering: which service is better for me and my business to use?

More About Microsoft:

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If your organization already utilizes Microsoft Office 365, you’ll benefit from using Microsoft Teams. Since they’re both owned by Microsoft, Teams integrates smoothly with Microsoft’s other products and software. This includes other office suite products like Microsoft Word, Skype for Business, along with Excel and Powerpoint.

Businesses that focus on collaborating will benefit from Team’s real time group chat, file sharing capabilities, and video conferencing. There’s also options of adding files from cloud storage services like DropBox, GoogleDrive, and more. Most Microsoft 365 office applications have mobile apps, giving your team members the option of taking Microsoft applications on the go.

Since Microsoft is a brand with a reputation, you can rest easy knowing their focus is on security and compliance. If you’re looking for a familiar name with products that are easy to use, consider Microsoft Teams.

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More About Zoom:

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While Zoom is a newer video conferencing service, it’s one of the most popular video conferencing solutions on the market today. It offers video calls, virtual meetings, and Zoom rooms (conference rooms) for anyone who signs up with an email address.

Their most basic plan offers 40-minute meeting times with up to 3 participants. However, Zoom is currently waiving the 40-minute time limit for basic accounts, so children have access to online education. There are optional add-on plans for cloud storage, larger video meetings, and dial-in audio.

For businesses, Zoom offers high quality video capabilities, team chat, meeting recordings and other collaboration features. When looking for video conferencing software, Zoom is great for companies who may not need integration with Microsoft’s version of office. Employees are also able to use Zoom’s free version, which might save you money if your meetings are usually short.

Zoom’s HD video capabilities are also great when your company needs to make calls that are outside of your organization. It’s simplicity and inclusive basic version makes it easy to set up and more accessible to others.


Whether it’s Microsoft or Zoom, the choice of video platform really comes down to preference. The individual needs of each user and organization as a whole comes into play. If you’ve already purchased Microsoft Office and require group collaboration, Teams may be more beneficial. On the other hand, if your job requires company to company calls, Zoom may work better.

You’ll need to decide which features and amenities are best suited to your current business goals.

Written by Emily M.

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