MFA Used By Only 8% Of High Level Executives

A BlackCloak study reveals that only a small percentage of C-Level execs have strong cyber hygiene.

More than 1,000 respondents were surveyed for this study. The results found that 76% of executive’s personal devices are leaking data, 27% of their devices had malware, and a whopping 87% of devices had no security. In addition to this, 87% of respondents have passwords that were leaked on the dark web.

Higher level executives make valuable targets for cybercriminals, due to the fact that they deal with sensitive information on a daily basis. Oftentimes C-suite execs don’t follow proper policies and procedures that their IT department recommends for their personal devices or emails. This lapse in security protocol could lead to data breaches and hacks, among other things.

When corporate data extends into people’s home networks is where things get tricky. Personal networks are often outside of the bounds of regulated security protection, which means that business information is at risk of being compromised. Things like 2FA and Multi-Factor Authentication aren’t foolproof, however they are a basic necessity for CEOs, COOs, and the like.

Individuals may post sensitive information online on their personal accounts, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Things like private phone numbers, photographs and hobbies can give criminals insight into how best to target that person in order to access their account.

Organizations need to take special care to mitigate data loss and theft of business assets. By utilizing features like MFA, password managers, as well as being aware of social engineering threats (phishing attacks, physical security) employers can maintain security best practices.

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