Why Managed Services?

Companies have a lot to keep track of nowadays– too much, in fact. But if you’re looking for a self-sufficient IT service, Managed Security Services will help improve your operational efficiency, patient security, and financial security– without much active attention from you. With multi-layer and multi-level protection, you can rest easy knowing that your risk of suffering a technical setback has been minimized.

Get to Know You Plan

Finding good IT can be difficult. Many providers want to tie you to an expensive year (or more) contract without proving they’ve got what it takes to keep your data safe. If they’re not the right fit for your company, you’ve now wasted your time and money on a less than stellar performance. To combat this issue, SkyPort IT offers a plan-before-the-plan that provides a time frame for the client and provider to learn a bit more about each other before moving forward with a yearly contract. We offer simple, baseline protection and monitoring of your environment through a pre-paid block hour format. This plan includes 10 block-hours for any remote and onsite work needed. As the block hours are exhausted, Skyport IT will review the options for moving forward with you. Options would include Managed Security Service plans as well as a non-contractual continuation of the block-hour arrangement.

To receive a cost estimate for our Get to Know You Plan, contact us today.

Managed Security Services

Our services are proactive, rather than reactive. The model works because IT issues are prevented before they become problems. We charge a regular monthly fee to maintain computer health, rather than an hourly fee to fix machines that are broken, and therefore your costs are reduced because your network is always healthy and strong. 

The cost of IT is lowered through a regular monthly fee that covers all preventive maintenance fees. We monitor a number of key network health indicators, like update patches, anti-virus, and anti-spyware tools; and we make upgrades and provide fixes before users are impacted or notice a decline in performance. When an issue comes up, we have a best-in-class remote-management and ticket-tracking system that you can access 24/7.

Layers of Protection

  • Sound Policies and Procedures (for HIPAA/PCI/ISO)
  • 24/7 Threat Monitoring
  • Encrtpted Email Services
  • Off-premise Email Enterprise Spam and Virus Filtering BEFORE it Touches your Network
  • At the door Filtering via the SonicWall Unified Threat Management System
    • Additional Email Filtering
    • Web Content Filtering
    • Intrusion Protection Filtering
    • Firewall Firmware Patching
  • Microsoft and Third Party Security Patching
    • Windows, Office, Adobe, Java, and Hundreds More.
  • Complete Workstation Protection
    • Additional Layer of Email Protection
    • Additional Layer of Web Protection
    • Customizable Restrictions
  • Password Management Solution
    • Easy Management with Single Password
    • No More Non-Secure Sticky Notes
  • ON/Off-Site Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Social Engineering Testing (Your Users are the Last Defense)
    • Email Phishing Testing and Education
  • Audits/Remediation to Insure You Are Safe and Security

Help Desk

With unlimited Helpdesk support included as part of our support services, most network issues that users do experience are problems that can be corrected immediately, without an office visit or hourly fee. 

Full-Service IT Team

Our clients have access to our Solutions Engineers, individuals who have worked with other small- to medium-sized organizations to ensure that IT furthers company strategy. Through quarterly business reviews, we examine client business goals and provide advice and support based on both available and future technology. Ultimately, we find ways to make our clients’ networks not only stronger but also more efficient.