Is Your Audible Content Secure? Is There A Security Risk?

When you’re spending time talking with colleagues, are you aware of who may be listening?

Maybe your office or conference room is separated from another company by only a thin wall, or perhaps a public restroom is located on the other side of your work space. If you often have private, company-related discussions with coworkers or clients in the building, it’s worth investing in some noise cancelling hardware.

Security threats don’t always come from the most obvious of places. If former employees are able to facilitate a data breach long after they’re gone, it’s possible that a passerby who’s working on the building’s plumbing, or a guest coming into the business next door, could overhear sensitive information from your room.

To combat this, it may be worth investing in white noise machines or other hardware that offers a barrier to noise surrounding the outermost parts of your space. These machines, which can emit various sounds (from static, to birds chirping, to the sounds of waterfalls) are good at masking background noise. It may be wise to buy a few of these machines and set them up strategically around the office.

If your building is lacking in space or electrical outlets, you can purchase battery powered white noise machines, or utilize ceiling tiles to put the machines above a door entrance instead of in plain sight. The goal is to have a sound barrier that’s unobtrusive and discreet near any areas where verbal or audio information is shared.

While this method may not stop a determined individual who’s after your business secrets, it is an easy way to deter a more subtle passerby who could use whatever information they gain to your detriment. It’s important to stay vigilant against not only digital or cyber threats, but in person threats as well.

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