Industry Leading Managed Service Solutions: What You Need

When it comes to information technology, it’s imperative that businesses utilize the right cybersecurity solutions. Personalized IT care is a great way to increase productivity in your day to day operations.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Managed Security Services are, think of it like an outsourced IT group that manages your network. A Managed Security Service Provider, or MSSP, uses security monitoring and threat detection to mitigate risks to an organization. Businesses need to have strong computer networks to prevent issues like data loss or other security events from occurring.

Having security experts other than your internal IT department focusing on your computer systems means increased productivity. Your employees will be open to focusing on other projects and optimizing their time for your business. An MSSP will focus on threat management and helping your company integrate relevant security programs into your infrastructure.

If you need a point of reference, one Managed Security Service mogel that may be familiar to some is Robert Herjavec. He is one of five infamous investors, also called “sharks” on ABC’s hit TV show, Shark Tank. Herjavec started his managed security business in 2003, and today it is one of the largest security solutions providers in Canada. Herjavec, who is currently married to former dancing partner Kym Johnson, is worth an estimated $400 million.

What Are Some Common Issues an MSSP Remedies?

Managed Security Providers focus on a few different areas to protect your business. Some areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Intrusion Detection: MSSPs will have a system in place to monitor networks for violations or suspicious activity
  • Incident Response: An organized approach to rectifying the aftermath of a cyberattack or data breach. This includes minimizing damage and reducing overall cost
  • Emergency Service: When you need an issue fixed immediately, an MSSP can offer remote and after-hours support
  • Mandatory Compliance: This is useful if your industry requires strict adherence to rules and regulations. An MSSP can assist to make sure all users and technical systems are in compliance
  • Hardware and Software: Best-in-class security hardware and software are often discounted when you’re purchasing a product through an MSSP

Lets say your organization suffers a data breach, and personal information of clients gets exposed. This is a crisis situation that may, or may not, end up with your company in a lawsuit. A situation like this would cost an absurd amount of money. There’s also the possibility that you may never get access to your data again.

The point of an MSSP is to make sure you’re protected in case an issue like this occurs. By having a game plan in place, you’ll be able to better handle the resulting damage. Your risk of suffering an attack, or breach, is lessened. Plus, an MSSP has expertise in the field, as well as technical systems equipped to handle the load.


Overall the idea of outsourcing IT may be scary to some, but specialized care really makes a difference. Managed Services usually costs less overall than standard IT, because ongoing network monitoring is built into the structure. It’s also a great way let someone else do the work for you.

Business efficiency and client security is at the forefront of an MSSPs business model. Mitigating risk to your company means peace of mind for you, and more protection for your business.

If you’re looking to get more information about what Managed Service Plans include, check out our sheet below. To contact SkyPort IT today, call 585-582-1600 or visit our contact page.

Written by Emily M.

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