Auto Ticket Creation

Need help from a technician? Email!

At Skyport IT, one of our mantras is ‘continual improvement’. While we frequently self-improve internally – on things like proactive maintenance and security – we wanted to bring something new to benefit you directly. Introducing: – our new service to make getting the help you need just a bit more simple. Used to emailing to request a new ticket to be made? Get a faster response by using instead!

What does it do?

Ensures fast ticket creation for both you and the technician.
Streamlines the recording of all information emailed, directly into a ticket.
Automatically handles the ‘first touch’ of your ticket, creating a better, more consistent, beginning-to-end experience for you.

What is improved from the old system?

When emailing individual technicians in the past, an email had greater potential of being missed. 
When emailing, a technician would manually process the ticket creation phase, and decide how it should be handled in our system. This takes time, and that time can now be used actively working on the issue at hand.
When using our web portal, creating a ticket could be slow, and either the technician or customer would need to manually move all email communications into the ticket to create consistent communication between technicians and your staff. Now, an email can simply be responded to – and that data is appended to the ticket. Again, saving time!

Real world difference for you!

When you email with your question or information about a problem, our automation system kicks in gear – creating and assigning the ticket accordingly. You will receive instant feedback that the message has been received. A technician will review, and reach out to you.

When responding to your email, the subject line will remain the same, and all emails with that subject will automatically be added to the ticket details so we can track your issue. Please do not remove the ticket number.

In conclusion…

We hope that we have communicated the benefit to you that this new system will have, and that you’re as excited as we are to save time, and fix things faster than ever before.

We are thankful for your continued partnership with us, and will continue to work to raise the benefits of that partnership for you daily!

Click on the image below to download a “How To” PDF

                Automatically Created Ticket  When Using Help@