Perhaps next to its mobile and TV products, LG is also known for its home appliances. Many of those appliances are getting smarter, relying on mobile technology and automation to introduce convenience to household chores. Perhaps the most extreme example of that is coming next month when LG showcases a smart appliance that will let you grow vegetables indoors inside cabinets that look like overgrown refrigerators.

Growing greens is not an easy task, especially when you take into account weather conditions and climate. Not leaving anything to chance, LG’s still-unnamed appliance will replicate the perfect conditions to grow herbs and vegetables all year round. You barely even need to get your hand dirty.

The column-type indoor gardening appliance uses various technologies to replicate outdoor conditions inside its large cabinet. LED lights, forced air circulation, and wick-based water management all adjusts to match temperatures and conditions depending on the time of day. It’s like having your own little world and climate inside.

Of course, there are a number of smart technologies involved as well. A non-circulating water supply distributes the exact amount needed that a plant package requires, preventing the growth of algae and the production of unpleasant odors. A smartphone app lets users not only monitor conditions inside the appliance but also offer tips on how to maximize the growth of the plants.

Article sourced from Slashgear.

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