While competitors focus on adding features like 3-in-1 charging, Lexon has another aim: to provide a well-designed and sanitising wireless charger with its new Oblio charging station. Lexon Oblio is Qi-certified, so it will be compatible with a majority of the devices that utilise wireless charging. Lexon’s website states that the Oblio is capable of charging most smartphones in approximately 3 hours.

Lexon Oblio is designed by Manuela Simonelli & Andrea Quaglio, but there is more to the design than meets the eye – quite literally. Lexon explains that the sanitising aspect of the charger is done by UV-light, which can be harmful for the eyes. Therefore, Oblio’s construction is “made to protect your eyes”. The company goes on to explain that the device uses “advanced anti-bacterial UV-C light with ionizer technology” which makes it possible to kill 99.9% of all the germs on a smartphone screen in just 20 minutes.

The design allows for phones that are up to 3.26” wide or 0.41” thick. Oblio is available in dark blue, gold or white and is currently sold for 79.90 Euros on the company’s website.

Oblio is only sold in a handful of countries in Europe and currently isn’t able to be delivered to the UK. Lexon states that they’re “working on expanding into more regions very soon” and that you can “sign up to get notified” when the product is available in your country.

Article sourced from KitGuru.

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