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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Read below to see some common IT management inquiries.

Q: What is the cost of a Managed Service Plan?

A: The cost of a Managed Security Service Plan is dependent upon the number of workstations, users and IT-related equipment your organization has. It will vary depending on each individual organization's needs.

Q: Why do I need this service?

A: Without monitoring and constantly updating your software, you can never be sure of what your security status is. With 24/7 monitoring and continued remediation, you're able to keep track of your security standing.

A: Organizations need to do their due care and due diligence in order to mitigate possible fines and legal liability from maintaining regulatory requirements, which does not cost much money.

Q: Windows has built in anti-virus software, isn't that enough? What about Windows built in firewall?

A: Having singular points of contact isn't going to mitigate your security risk. A multi-layered approach gives your organization ways to stay safe in the event one layer should fail.

Q: Do I still need IT security if I keep my files in the cloud?

A: Yes, you still need a layered approach to data security, even in a cloud-based environment.

Q: Why would an independent pharmacy need this service?

A: As a HIPAA bound entity, pharmacies cannot afford to lose narcotic and other HIPAA-related patient data. Hefty fines can be afforded to organizations who do not do their due care and due diligence. More information can be found at the following:

Q: Why would a government body need this service?

A: Government entities need to safeguard public information by ensuring regulatory data retention. Managed Services can minimize or negate ransomware, and help local governments uphold public reputation in the event of a cybersecurity issue, such as a data breach.

Q: Why isn't a break/fix model good enough?

A: It's not a proactive model, so issues are still likely to occur and can cause more damage than if mitigation strategies were taken beforehand. Managed Services maximize your ability to minimize risk and damage before something catastrophic happens.

Q: What layers are used to protect me?

A: Some layers of protection include the implementation of security policies, internet domain protection, mail scrubbing, web and virus filtering at the firewall, and local machine virus protection.