Executive Order Signed to Strengthen Cybersecurity After Pipeline Hack

After a ransomware attack that impacted gasoline prices this week, President Biden has signed an executive order to fortify the United State’s defenses against cyber attacks.

fuel pipeline

Colonial Pipeline, a business that supplies much of the east coast with gas and fuel, was hit last week when a hacking group stole 100GB worth of company data. Some states including North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia declared states of emergency due to fears of a gas shortage. At this time, pipeline operations are expected to return to normal within the week, and officials say there’s no reason to hoard gasoline.

Due to increasing cyber threats in recent years and incidents like the SolarWinds hack and Microsoft Exchange data breach, White House administration has been working on new security standards for the last few months. The goal is to fortify federal networks and tighten security for commercial software.

A few implementations from the order include the establishment of a Cybersecurity Safety Review Board, a pilot “star” rating (like those on appliances), as well as mandating encryption and multi-factor authentication on government networks. The plan will also include a playbook for federal agencies for cyber-incident response, as well as a requirement for companies to report information on data breaches.

Maintaining network security in all avenues is crucial to protecting your sensitive information. Cyber attacks are becoming more common and can have lasting and devastating effects. Make sure you utilize multiple layers of security and stay vigilant to any changes withint your IT infrastructure.

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