Security involves more than just data. It involves keeping your employees and clients safe from harm.

As the death toll and hospitalization rates lower in New York State, many of us are breathing sighs of relief. Despite the improvement seen in recent weeks, COVID-19 is still a very real concern for companies and businesses. An increase in store-front clients and rising on-site attendance means all of us need to remain vigilant and screen employees and visitors appropriately. By assessing symptoms from the get-go and following social distancing procedures, it remains possible to keep the spread of the virus at bay.

SkyPort IT has created our version of an employee/visitor screening questionnaire for you to use, or model your own from. Note that length of quarantine time (in our case, 14 days) may be reduced following a negative COVID-19 test.

While positive news and warm weather are reasons for excitement, it’s always important to remain cautiously optimistic. By following the appropriate guidelines set, we can all work towards New York State’s continual improvement.

For more information on NYS hospitalization rates related to COVID-19, check out the following article from Rochester First.


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