Don’t Be Deceived By IT.. Or Anything Else, Really

When it comes to services or products you use on a regular basis, it’s always important to trust.. but verify.

Whether you’re ingesting supplements, slathering on skincare or utilizing subscription services to maintain your well-being, it’s critical to make sure those products and services are doing what they claim. Many companies have good marketing and PR departments, so it’s easy to be taken in by fantastical words and curated images. But the real issues come when you’re not totally certain about how, or why, the product you’ve bought works the way it does.

As an example, there’s a huge amount of vitamins and supplements available on the market today. Most general stores carry these products, but what’s really in them? Many are not FDA approved, and have additive ingredients or side effects that aren’t explicitly stated on the bottle. If you’re interested in knowing whether the pills you take are legitimate, check out Labdoor and get educated on what’s in those gummies you like so much.

When it comes to other subscription services, like IT for example, there’s always a crucial set of compliance needed for optimal technology support. It’s nice when a company says they have a quick response time, but just how fast are they? Do they offer regular security audits and remediation? How about security reports, a network dashboard, cybersecurity training or email filtering? And even if a company offers all of these things, are they actually doing the work and maintenance necessary to keep these services compliant with the law?

If you’re not sure what your organization should be doing, or what type of services you need implemented into your IT infrastructure, be sure to check out our Checklist For Security Compliance.

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