Do You Know Your Website Security Score?

More importantly, do you know the scores of other companies you interact with? And why is this important?

Let’s take online shopping as an example. When you’re ordering a pair of shoes from Amazon, Walmart, wherever– are you thinking about what kinds of data security these companies have to ensure your safety? Probably not. Most of us just go about our day like normal, but interacting with a business this way can carry some real security risks.

Some questions to think about: Is their web store safe? Who has access to their web servers, and how much data are they collecting? What kinds of data?

Whether a hacker is going after your social media account or personal bank account, cyber threats are a very real and very serious problem. Part of the larger picture, as we’ve seen with companies like Facebook and SolarWinds, is that having less than stellar cybersecurity practices can lead to a loss of revenue, and a loss of trust with consumers.

So what does this have to do with your website security score? Well, having a lackluster one could put your business at risk of a data breach or having a bad actor gain unauthorized access to your account. If you suffer a cyber attack due to an ill-protected website, you run the risk of a ransomware attack, whereby someone encrypts data you posses in order to get money from you.

The above risk goes both ways, however. You’re not only at risk from your own website. If you utilize, browse, put your information into any “sign ups” on other websites, you are compromising yourself if that website does not maintain good cyber hygiene.

If you’re interested in checking out your own website security score or a competitor’s, you can do so using Spyse. Make sure to change the “Any Target” box to “Domain” and type in a custom domain. If you have any questions about cybersecurity, give us a call at 585-582-1600.

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