Discover What Simple Options You Need From An ISP

Whether it’s through work emails, social media or other apps, most of us utilize the internet for business or personal reasons on a daily basis. Communication via internet access is vital now more so than ever, especially with our current state of global affairs.

When thinking about which internet service plans, it can be hard to determine what your ideal bandwidth might be. It can be confusing to determine how much bandwidth you need, how much you want, and how much your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will tell you you can or can’t get.

With too much bandwidth, you’ll be overpaying for something you don’t need. On the other hand, extremely slow download speeds and interruptions to your favorite streaming services are beyond frustrating.

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Learning how to monitor your internet use can be a good measure to prevent yourself from being overcharged for your internet. For example, if you are a small household who’s more interested in watching TV series on a smart TV than streaming Star Wars on your laptop, you might not need that top tier internet package your Internet Provider talked you into.

However, if your household consists of individuals who participate in a lot of online gaming or video streaming, you might want faster speeds than you are getting. Unfortunately, faster speed does come with an increase your monthly bill.

The necessity of monitoring also applies to businesses, but in a more drastic way. If your internet speeds are sub-par at work, this can affect communication with customers, deadlines, productivity and many other day to day operations. At the end of the day it can be a financial burden for your business to have internet service that is not meeting your needs.

There are many factors that can affect internet speeds. If you need to run a speed test on your internet connection, you can do so online for free. If your internet is having performance issues and there are no other providers available in your area, your equipment may support bandwidth shaping with QoS policies which could assist in the prioritization of traffic.

In the end, nobody enjoys being upsold on something they don’t need. This is common when talking to companies like Spectrum or Comcast, but recognize that you have the capabilities to figure out what your business needs. With a little proactive monitoring, you’ll be able to get the service you want at the price point you desire.

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Written By Emily M. and Mark B.

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