Did You Know: Be Careful Sending CC Info Through Emails

If you utilize an outbound quarantine for your incoming emails, you should be aware that it could have an effect on any financial emails sent between yourself and vendors/clients.

Clients should not be sending their credit card information to you via email, unless they are sending it in an encrypted format. If you send a reply, any email security systems you use (ex. Barracuda) will quarantine the outbound email and not allow it to be sent through the internet. Therefore, your client will not get your reply.

SkyPort IT uses Barracuda and processes quarantines, so we will contact our clients if this situation occurs.

In order to prevent this issue, you can reply to a client’s email and remove the CC info before sending. You could also make a new email that does not have the information in it. The email security system, in our case Barracuda, will not prevent inbound email coming in since the error is on the client’s side. But to preserve PCI compliance, SkyPort IT does not allow this information to go out.

If you have any questions, check with your IT provider about the type of security practices they have in place.

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