Frequently Asked Questions

Breach Prevention Platform

  • How do I sign up for training?

    If you’re interested in our breach prevention platform, consider calling our office at 585-582-1600 or submitting a form on our sign up page here.

  • How do I log into the portal?

    Please click the link here to log into the portal with your email address and password. 

  • What can I do in the portal?

    If you’re a manager admin, you can use the portal to do the following:

    • Review users and let SkyPort IT know if anyone needs to be added or deleted
    • Check user logins to determine who is or is not using the portal
    • Attest to policies & procedures or add your own
    • Review personal or work emails through dark web monitoring

    Check out our Manager Admin training video for more in-depth information.

    If you’re an employee, you can use the portal to do the following:

    • Check your employee secure score and see how it ranks against your fellow coworkers via the company leaderboard
    • Use the Dark Web scan to see if personal or business emails have been compromised in a data breach
    • Increase your score and gain cybersecurity knowledge by completing Micro Training quizzes

    Check out the Employee Portal Tour for more information.