Certification Matters For Your Security

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a designation given only to the most knowledgeable individuals in the cybersecurity realm. Having this credential means a person has demonstrated proficiency within a variety of cybersecurity topics, including the 8 Domains of Security. As of today, there’s a little over 150,000 CISSP’s internationally, which makes this coveted title a gold standard of competency.

Daniel Marcellus, CEO, CISSP/GISP

Dan has been an information technology professional since 1986. In addition to founding and operating two successful IT service companies, Dan has taught Information Systems and Design at the college level, and is an expert speaker and presenter on information technology, HIPAA in an IT environment, and cybersecurity.

Author of “It’s Not My Job To Do IT- But You Have To Make Sure IT is Done Right”, and contributing author of a #1 Best Seller Amazon book, “Under Attack.”

He holds degrees in Information Systems from RIT, Computer Science, Data Processing and Business Administration from FLCC, and a number of IT certifications.

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