Central Bank of Russia Secrets To Be Released By Anonymous Group

An account on Twitter claiming to be affiliated with the hacking group says they’ll release 35,000 stolen files exposing secret agreements pertaining to Russia’s central bank.

Anonymous has launched multiple cyber-attacks against Russian backed entities after the invasion of Ukraine on February 24th. The group has targeted state-run media, energy firms as well as Russian government sites. They’ve declared war on any companies that operate in Russia and are urging them to pull out of the country or else become a target of the group’s hacking endeavors.

They’re likely to follow through on those threats, given that Anonymous first warned (and later hacked) Nestlè, who’s still operating in the country. Around 10GB of sensitive data was leaked including emails, passwords and at least 50K customer’s business data.

When this information was first released on March 23rd, it was stated that in 48 hours the files would be exposed. We’ll see whether Anonymous makes good on their threats at some point today, and what that might mean for companies who refused to call the hacktivist’s bluff.

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