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Are You Protected Against Text-Based Phishing?

If your primary cell phone is a smartphone, you’re at risk of a “smishing” attack. Similar to phishing attacks, a bad actor will utilize text messages containing malicious links in order to get you to give up personal information, bank account numbers, etc by posing as a trusted source. These types of attacks have been […]

social media

1 in 15 Users Exposed in Facebook Data Breach

The tech giant once again finds itself in hot water. Over 530 million users of the social media site had their personal information leaked via an online database. The sensitive data could be downloaded for free on the forum where it was posted. Phone numbers, names and dates of birth were among the personal data […]

world wide web

The Internet’s Hidden Foundation: Why You Should Be Concerned

It’s rarely discussed or even mentioned, but the cybersecurity risk from this critical infrastructure is nothing to scoff at. Cyber attacks and data breaches happen every day at every hour in the United States, Europe, and around the globe. We’re used to discussing cyber threats in the context of businesses and government entities. But what […]

Tired of Google Spying on Users? It’s Only Just Beginning

It’s time to learn just how much your Google Chrome browser “knows” about you. As part of a new privacy policy from Apple, app developers are now required to disclose what personal information they collect and have tied to your identity. While the change came into effect on December 8, 2020, Google has been stalling […]

drone field

A Scary Idea As “Smart Farms” May Risk Being Hacked

With digital technology becoming commonplace within the agriculture industry, it’s no surprise to learn that cyber threats are on the rise as well. As the world population grows and food insecurity remains, artificial intelligence, drones, and the internet are set to help mitigate costs and increase the abundance of food globally. But with this increase […]

When Art Meets Technology: Millions Are On The Line

A new wave of digital technology is taking the world by storm in the form of “nonfungible tokens”, more commonly known as NFTs. These digital tokens are assets verified using blockchain technology, whereby a seller can guarantee a buyer proof of authenticity or ownership of a particular asset. Artists, musicians, influencers and the like are […]

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Australian News “Unfriended” By Facebook, Limited Access to Content

What does Facebook do when quarreling with the Australian government? They block all media content for Australian citizens, apparently. Many people woke up last week to find their news feeds wiped clean from important content. Much of this ranged from daily news, political and official health pages, to emergency safety and welfare networks. The loss […]

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In A Terrifying Twist, Hacker Almost Poisons Florida Water Supply

When we hear of cyber attacks and data breaches, we tend to only think of digital world damage. But there’s real world consequences when a malicious entity has access to your computer system, files or network. Take this story for example. A water treatment plant employee in Oldsmar, Florida had a hacker remotely access his […]

global data retention privacy policy

Best Policies and Procedures for GDPR Compliance

If you live in the United States and do any sort of business handling data from those within the European Union, you need to disclose which data you collect and for what purpose. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th 2018, and is considered the toughest security law in the […]

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New Study Shows Grapes Can Act As Edible Sunscreen

According to researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, this popular purple fruit may be able to protect your skin from UV damage and skin cancer. According to data released by the California Table Grape Commission, eating over two cups of grapes a day can increase your resistance to sunburn by almost 75%. The […]