Paralyzed Man Can Use Thoughts To Talk With New Brain Implant

A man unable to move or speak is now able to communicate his thoughts using a computer. Science has paved the way for this technology, which comes from an experimental implanted device located in the man’s brain. The device relays information from brain activity that used to control his vocal tract to text on a […]

covid-19 mask

Wearable Tech Could Be Used To Detect Pathogens and Viruses

MIT and Harvard University engineers have created a face mask prototype that’s able to detect whether the wearer has COVID-19. It takes about 90 minutes of wearing the mask to detect a positive case, but the technology could be used to create clothing that can detect other viruses and pathogens. In a recent study, researchers […]

cyber attack

Ransomware Attack Hits Fertility Clinic, Important Customer Data Stolen

A well-known pioneer in in-vitro fertilization (IVF), My Egg Bank North America, along with Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA) have disclosed a data breach as of Friday. The type of breach was determined to be a ransomware attack. In general, a ransomware infection occurs when malware gets into your device and locks it. From there, a […]

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Virtual Reality Leading The Way For Anxiety Treatment

With the increasing popularity of VR technology, some mental health professionals are using the alternate reality experience to help clients deal with real world issues. One psychologist by the name of Corrie Ackland is utilizing the VR approach to help treat patients with specific phobias. The overall goal is to manage a person’s anxiety by […]


New Research May Improve the Treatment of Sepsis

Grant-funded research may help create improved treatments for this condition. Septicemia occurs when your body has a severe immune response to an infection. When the body goes into septic shock, inflammation from the condition can lead to organ failure and potentially be fatal. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in […]

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New Study Shows Grapes Can Act As Edible Sunscreen

According to researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, this popular purple fruit may be able to protect your skin from UV damage and skin cancer. According to data released by the California Table Grape Commission, eating over two cups of grapes a day can increase your resistance to sunburn by almost 75%. The […]


No More Painful Invasive Biopsies, Only Blood Tests Needed

A more accurate blood test is now coming to fruition. This new approach, furthered by Hebrew University researchers, is able to precisely read information from DNA in the blood and use it to determine the nature of a disease or tumor. It can even determine exactly where in the body the disease is found and […]

Is Your IT Up To Snuff? Important Healthcare Requirements

If you work in health care, ask yourself: do you really know anything about the team who handles your computers and network? Are these people reliable and trustworthy? Does any of the staff have criminal records, or neglect their educational training? If you’re a healthcare organization, you may not be aware of the vetting process […]

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Challenging Times Ahead As Healthcare Cyber Attacks On The Rise

Since November of last year, health care organizations have seen an increase in cyberattacks by a whopping 45%. While attacks have increased by 22% across all industries globally, hospitals and other health-focused groups are the most targeted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Cyber criminals are utilizing DDoS attacks, botnet and remote code execution, as […]

Simple Steps For COVID-19 Testing Process

If you’ve never gotten a coronavirus assessment, or if you get them frequently and are looking for an all-in-one explanation of the procedure, we have compiled a list below to streamline your understanding of what the experience will look like. Per New York State guidelines, the first thing you’ll want to do is take a […]