Got A COVID-19 Test From Walgreens? Sensitive Data Was Exposed

If you got tested for the coronavirus through the company’s pharmacy, your personal information may have been left unsecured on the web. Patient information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, emails and even positive or negative results were vulnerable to exploitation. Millions of people used Walgreens’ testing services over the course of the pandemic, and […]

Job Application Software Is Filtering Out Quality Candidates

Workers looking for a new position may be getting snubbed by automated hiring systems. A report from the Harvard Business School suggests that employers who use software that scans resumes for them may inadvertently be turning away qualified candidates. Many individuals are rejected by the software, which is used by 75% of employers in the […]

T-Mobile Cyberattack Exposed Vulnerable Information For 40 Million People

The data breach in question included sensitive information like first and last names, birth dates and social security numbers. The tech company was informed of the hack and has been investigating the incident within the last week. According to a Vice report, someone in an online forum tried to sell $270,000 worth of stolen information […]

Chipotle’s Marketing Service Breached, What You Need To Know

If you signed up to receive emails from Chipotle Mexican Grill, you may have gotten more than just coupons in your inbox. Last month, the fast food chain’s marketing service was breached. This led to customers receiving phishing emails and other dubious links that, when clicked, aimed to steal personal information. The cybersecurity attack occurred […]


Wegman’s May Have Leaked Your Data. That’s Not Good.

One of the most popular grocery store chains in the northeastern United States has alerted customers that their information may have been vulnerable to hackers or other outside entities. Wegmans locations stretch from New York and Massachusetts, all the way down to North Carolina. The market chain is known for its wide range of food […]

amazon echo

Privacy Concerns As Amazon Sidewalk Shares Your Internet With Strangers

If you have any Echo devices or Ring smart home cameras, you’ll want to keep reading. On Tuesday, Amazon released Amazon Sidewalk, a shared network that benefits other Sidewalk-enabled devices. It works by pooling small amounts of internet bandwidth from connected devices (called Sidewalk Bridges) in the neighborhood. The goal of the program is to […]

meat production

Meat Production Shut Down in U.S. After Cyber Attack

International distributor JBS Foods shut down operations in both the United States and Australia this past weekend after suffering a cybersecurity incident. Hackers targeted IT (information technology) systems of the company that supports both North America and Australia on Sunday. JBS Foods is the largest distributor of meat in the world, providing beef, pork and […]

security officer

Do You Have A Security And Privacy Officer? Why Do You Need One?

In order to maintain cybersecurity best practices, your organization should consider the roles of both a Security Officer and a Chief Privacy Officer. Data security is necessary for protecting any information your organization handles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a highly-regulated industry and need to maintain strict compliance (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.) or just a […]

social media platform

Do You Know Your Website Security Score?

More importantly, do you know the scores of other companies you interact with? And why is this important? Let’s take online shopping as an example. When you’re ordering a pair of shoes from Amazon, Walmart, wherever– are you thinking about what kinds of data security these companies have to ensure your safety? Probably not. Most […]